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Written by Sharon Beck   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 11:35

Its the 1st thing I put on the family planner at New Year! The Kids school summer holidays which are spent in the UK!

Now this is the biggie - 6 whole weeks-everyone seems to look forward to it except me. I love the kids dearly - but 6 weeks!!! ...... what about me! the state of the house, the mini business - popcorn-box events, their constant nagging to go on the computer, boredom moans, juggling the day jobs with OH & overall MY sanity! The pressure seems immense to fulfill everyones expectations of an idillic memorable family time together and I cant even justify putting them into Aktiva Kids club as not day job working for most of August.



Now The planner is filling up...... slowly.......we do have another Camping holiday in the UK booked! If you have read my previous blog posts you will of seen my perceptions of UK camping holidays. By the way, we never did go to Wales camping last school holidays, due to the rain, the Tent is still wrapped up in its brand new tent smell ! I do however have to buy new tent parafinalia as O H went to Isle of wight festival. The 3 man tent we had owned since Glasto 1996 and all contents got nicked on the 2nd night!!! - so new air beds, new sleeping bags & I think I am going to have to invest in wellies. It Does seem that £90 on a pair of lavender Hunter wellies that Kirstie Allsopp recommends on Twitter seems a bit steep!  Though I may have to live in them for the duration or get trench foot.



We also have the Olympics to absorb ourselves into - The Torch is coming to Ealing next week. We have family tickets for beach volleyball which my OH is very happy about & No 1 son happily told his headteacher that we are going to see the ladies & their boobies at the Olympics! I do wonder where no 1 son got that comment from?? I dont think I will be able to do too much popcorn-box business events. I will have to keep up with all my favourite stall holders, such as Daisychainbabylovelyandlovely, Red poppy photgraphy, peas and love, Lorna Kyle cards, Simple Silver, Ananya Trading, Duck pond markets late at night when the kids have gone to bed, drinking wine via social media methods







(The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe)


I will also be scanning all the websites recommending days out with kids, visiting family & friends on days outs that we dont get to see in term time, going to see The Lion,the witch & the wardrobe theatre production in Kensington gardens, organised by Brilliant Monsters. Nipping over to Legoland for the afternoon, with my annual passes that we got with the Tesco clubcard deals.Instructing the kids that its too busy to go on more than 2 rides and wander around mini land & the water play area till closing time.


Other than that we will mostly be found in our PJ's till 1100 most days, daily visits to our friendly local post offices for popcorn-box posting & Visits to the local parks for picnics & then onto pizza express for dough balls & Nutella desserts.








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