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Written by Sharon Beck   
Thursday, 23 August 2012 19:07

I Announced to Mr popcorn tonightI AM a good mum - I have done 5 weeks & not evaporated in a theatre style PUFF of green smoke like the Wicked witch of the West......God I DO love them. I especially love the alarm not going off to corall them out every day to school & nursery - But entertaining & finding things to do for the 6 weeks that doesnt cost a fortune & appeals to all ages inc ME is tough. This summer school holidays, I am off for 90% of their entire holiday, away from the day job. When I finally run back to that next week - I will relish in dealing with 300+ Airline customers on that 747 jet rather than my own 2 mini fighter jets!

Today, we had a day out in London (20 mins on the tube) to see The Lion,the Witch & the wardrobe in Kensington Gardens, booked with brilliant monsters & the book & Theatre events that they organise & have successfully been out on in the past.


We first went to the Princess Diana Memorial playground, for our picnic,for which we had to queue to get in ! SOOOOOO busy - sign of the times I guess, as its a FREE & a FAB playground. I have never queued before, But well worth the visit!


Then down to the Big white top theatre, all set in a fantastic location with loadsa space for the monsters to run about in & chomp on some lovely but expensive ice creams! The feel of the venue was light airy with a touch of old colonial / al fresco dining experience, a white picket fence, with posh outside toilets too! Nothing like the stuffy, historic,hot & cramped london theatres I am familiar in London

The show is a theatre in the round, threesixty is the name of the production company. My 8 yr old was sooooo happy being alongside the sound, lighting & special effects person too, prefering to look at their computer screens than the real thing! The show opened with atmospheric lighting & a great scene of the discovery of Narnia, through an impressive wardrobe that kept appearing/disappearing. I felt it was a mix of cirquedusoleil acrobatics and lights with a taste of what the opening 2012 Olympics ceremony must have been like for the lucky few ! It was magical & kept alongside the story perfectly for my 2 boys! except that my youngest  kept asking when is the Lion was coming? (not till the 2nd half)

WOW when Aslan did arrive as a 3 person maned inspired form - it was awesome - beautifully done, professional & totally believable! The boys loved the fight scenes, flying through the air, lots of action and colour. I found the sacrifice of Aslan excellently tackled with a touch of magic! On the tube home the boys stated they want to watch the DVD again.  If I am lucky No1 son might even dare to read the book !!!!! one day soon, though I am not expecting it as he has not picked up a story book all summer long, Bad Mum xxxx


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