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Written by Sharon Beck   
Monday, 24 September 2012 11:45

Today is the first day since Christmas 2011, the brand new Yoga mat came out if its hiding place to go to a local yoga session in a community centre straight after school run.It has been enjoying the space in my bedroom for 10 months not being used. My youngest son started school last week full time, & with my part time job, I find myself with days here and there that have "windows". Christmas preparation hasnt started too much personally, popcorn-box, the business is slowly getting busier, but in the mean time I have this nagging realisation I need to do some formal excercise more regurly for me. Currently I attend a regular yoga class once a week straight from school run,but this is not enough for my optimum dress size for a big birthday & photos approaching.

Over a year ago, Mr popcorn and I used to go once a week to Bikram yoga in Chiswick, West London. This was hard core but we kinda loved it. 90 mins of 26 postures in a temperature controlled room of 100 degrees. This helps stretch your body to its optimum range. It definatly helped his dodgy knees and my biscuit tummy. But, its tough, mentally & physically and it takes 2 plus hours of your day. I dont know why we stopped other than life got in the way a bit more. It didnt help that my youngest only had 2 and a bit hours of playgroup so I had to make a mad dash to get back in time which ruined my Yogic Karma.


On the blogging front, I know I need to blog as much as possible, but that takes 3 hours plus, the hyper tagging, picture sizing, awful grammer and spelling too. I dread to blog ! I need to want to blog ! which I feel may just come with time. I need to decide who and what I am talking about and what relevance it has to the business! None at all the moment, kind of rambling, just a snap decision that is made in the moment, like the mess in the kids bedroom that it needs to be tackled yesterday


Well that is the background, Today the community centre yoga was cancelled due to poorly children and the yoga mat was all ready and feeling sorry for itself, so my uber positive Yoga friend said lets go to Bikram - starts at 10 so perfect for after school run and home to blog ! NOOOOOO Which is worse? blogging or Bikram? Both fill me with dread, I hate getting ready to mentally go to Bikram yoga more than how physically demanding it feels. Its sooooo similar. Blogging takes all of my time, as I need to be quiet & focused with the text, layout and pictures. 3 hours later, I am home, focusing on the upcoming  Christmas events dropping into the popcorn-box event planner, head down on the lap top and checking out my pore cleansed red rosey face and achy stretched limbs that the last 90 mins of yoga has given me, the instructors even remembered me when I arrived too! How lovely is that! Its always good looking back at what you have achieved in a day, especially on a wet Monday morning. Some days more than others, so I may go back this Friday & the yoga mat can stay by the front door this time, a little bit closer to getting used.


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