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Written by Sharon Beck   
Wednesday, 30 May 2012 13:37


Since our Local Authority made a financial charge for Household waste from this spring, it gave me the momentum to do a spot of, "the good Life" with a Wormery. My family have had wormeries in the past & I LURVE to recycle ! getting uber strange pleasure out of putting just 1 black bag of weekly household rubbish for a family of 4 out with the numerous Plastic, Glass, Paper recycling parafinalia 







SO, I investigated what is out there & discovered The wiggly wigglers website - Easy to navigate website,where i ordered the LUXE wormery, a worm cafe, that would fit perfectly into my mini London garden. The worms came seperatly, so I could ensure the cafe was fully prepared for their arrival. The 2 half pints are fully involved & interested, even though the worms are strange & Smelly, the kids are very aware of the worms importance in the world!

Now, I am having teething problems - lotsa worm compost juice which is good, but bad too ! as the eco system is too wet - I have put tooo much waste in, for the munching worms to keep up with!


Guidance from the WigglyWigglers facebook page, instructed me to put shredded up loo roll & egg boxes inside mix it up and put the worms on a strict Diet of nothing......so they can catch up with my peelings.
The eco system is looking a bit touch and go in this weather - too hot for worms! the experts say & keep them out of the sun.
Also, ants have got interested, so I have the feet of the wormery under water to keep the ants at bay.

My glam Indoors Cream Metal COMPOST bin is currently slowly loading up with tea bags & old salad while we give the poor worms a break
I never realised this mini eco system could be so critical - its like having another pet or Child
We await with fingers crossed and see if they make it through the next week xxxx
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To Glamp or not to Glamp ! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Beck   
Saturday, 19 May 2012 13:52

We have dabbled with Camping or as I like to say "Glamping" for the past 2 summers, begging & borrowing tents & parafinalia from kindly friends, having successfully dodged the rain, the camping with kids, has given us a rose coloured vision of "Swallows & Amazons" like campsite experiences.

The Kids love it...Best bits are sleeping in the tent they chime, playing football late at night in their PJ's with newly found friends and the friendliness of everyone around them. Mr popcorn-box loves the late night red wine sessions & too loud chats around the ever stoked fire pit. I am sooooo much more sceptical......shower blocks, damp tents, early morning toilet visits & washing up constantly

Perfect camping


Friends who Camp professionally & with ease have again.... suprisingly! invited us again this year for an expedition to Wales. Initial hesitation from me - Eagerness from the rest of the team - took us to explore the canvas world available out there & question our motivation & Investment. There is sooooo much out there -I wanted, carpet and Easy to erect bendy tent poles - the kids wanted their own mini orange tent...very random

.....Mr popcorn wanted a Moon chair & a tent, larger than our house




moon chair

We explored the insides of 20 plus set up tents then popped online & looked for the deal found with a local welsh camping company, obi camping & leisure. An 8 man tent for 2 adults and 2 half pints!...arrived the very next week. Now we are the proud owners of more parafinalia to store and maintain in our little London Home, in the presence of a 26.5 Kilo mahhoooousive tent bag, footprint, canopy & carpet! With the money we spent on this investment we need to go away at least once a year for 5 years to make it pay. At least we will explore the English Countryside for a few years discovering coastlines and my favourite  place in the UK, North Devon! Hopefully the half pints will learn to boogie board & surf


Our brand new massive tent

Essential part of the family Glamping experience will be injecting a piece of popcorn box in the mix, deorating with bunting, having all the gear we need to hand with effective storage, Pretty tea lights and LED night lights. Lotsa throws, duvets, and there may even be a little spa venue I could disapear to for the afternoon.......mmmmm

Mr popcorn has agreed to 3 nights maximum for my sanity. If the weather forecast has any rain at all - we DO NOT go. The Wales 1st tent trip looks beautiful, Huw, at Lakeside camping & Caravan park near Carmarthen, is charging us £8 per night for our pitch next to our camping professional friends - Lakeside view - No electricity hook up - this is Hard Core! Heads down think of the kids and do a sun dance


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Ealing mums in Business Event PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Beck   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 12:09

Ealing has been home to us for the longest time in one place. Mainly driven by the dread of attempting the next renovation Project with 2 Primary school children ! People that know me well,will have heard me weighing up the pro's & Cons of moving over the years (BLAH-white noise-BLAH BLAH), as I have UBER house envy whenever we leave London for the Gardens, Utility Rooms, Storage, Space and greeneryThen I "flip flop" back to being Pro Ealing & London, even with our TEENY TINY garden, parking problems, overcrowded classrooms & Traffic chaos.


Last Saturday at the Ealing mums in business Annual event gave me another reason why I do not want to move out to the Country just yet. Its my 2nd year of attending the Spring Family Fair, Where the organisers, Shelley & Erin had done a stonking Job of advertising & networking. This brought together an Activity packed schedule for the kids. Decent Coffee & Cakes served by the friends of Springhallow School, for which the event raised £500.Home Crafts, Shopping opportunities and a chance to see lots of people & unusual Items for sale that is very much not on our High Street.Babes in arms getting Finger print jewellry, keep sake Gifts from Roobub and custard, Funky Hand designed T's for Kids from Junior Mafia clothing, Hand made sewing Crafts from Sew cheeky who are a group of sewing mums,& of course,me, Popcorn-box all under the Kingsdown Methodist Church roof in Northfields, Ealing W13.

(Spring Fair - Ealing Mums in Business)

Very few boroughs in and out of London have a group such as The Ealing mums in business - the name says it all ! and Pitter patter the Hub for bubs. Nor do they have the Ealing 135 group - A great place to find your feet with a new baby. Therefore, At the moment...... I am very proud to say where I live, Its a great local community which is strengthened from events such as the above, stimulating small business start ups, getting people aware what is available to them & for new families & people coming into the area.


I feel, this is never achieved living outside of Ealing & London, having to drive everywhere in your Family Wagon. Not being able to walk to your local school or to the shop to get a pint of milk, or a choice of magnificent take away's from the top of the road, great Local parks where you will always see someone you know, as well as our local safer Neighbourhood Police station and Doctors & Dentists surgery all rolled into one street. XXXX




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Easter @ Richmond on the River - literally PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Beck   
Saturday, 07 April 2012 18:16


Our 2nd Day @ the Easter Event @ The the wonderful duckpond market

Popcorn-box & Laura, My Little Helper was having a great day with the Great & Good of Richmond

At 1545...... the River Thames Tides came up and Up ......and Right up to Behind our Stall till 1625 - It was touch & Go for a while

We even had a Special Visitor - A Canadian Goose was interested in the Birdy fair trade Bowls for a while

We have Never been under water & tomorrow The water table is going to be 20cms Higher ! I am back for more & Very Prepered

Come Down to See the Petting zoo, Kids Merry go round, Buskers, Great Food, Handmade, Local Ethical & Interesting Stalls on the banks of the Thames





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Ruislip Duckpond Market & New friends PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Beck   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 20:27

These Lunch Bags are in 7 different designs were super popular

at last Sundays Artisan Market in Ruislip with duck pond markets

They are only £3.99 each and are recycled from Plastic Bottles and insulted so cooler for Longer.

popcorn-box was outside in the sunshine under the big red Gazebo.

One of the best things about participating in events is meeting some great people, who are passionate about what they do and bringing it there exciting new products for the first time to gain feedback and reactions

We met some great 1st Time stall holders to the market. DecoMim, is a wonderful team of 2 Decoupage crafty Ladies who bring colour and design to anything from Names plates & Initials to pieces of furniture with their decoupage.

They also design & make a range of Lego & Scrabble Jewelry for the whole family. You can find decomim on facebook or email them @  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , they are launching nationally shortly too

Look forward to seeing you at a market soon



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